Widmer Rs Check Signer

Widmer Rs Check Signer

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The Widmer RS check signer is a stand alone laser check signing machine that can be programmed for 9 different form lengths


A non-resettable audit counter records all RS imprinting, while a separate integrated batch control counter counts up, accumulates, and also counts down

Snap-out signature plates are easily and quickly interchangeable

Tamper-proof, double key security prevents unauthorized usage or removing of plates and drums

Up to nine different programmable check or form formats

Specifications Power 115V 60HZ optional 220-240V 50HZ/60HZ Weight 55 lbs Footprint 12 L 20 with extension tray x 24.5 W x 9 H Speed 12, 000 Documents/ hr

Imprint Size Standard Size .875 x 3 Download PDF Signature Form

The RS also can be used to endorse checks for deposit, used as a transcript validator, date forms, and count an endless number of letters, warranties, and purchase orders

The Widmer RS document signer gives you the flexibility to utilize a variety of imprint styles designed specifically for your particular needs

The Widmer RS high speed check signer features removable locked signature plates, power on lock, and non-resettable counters make the RS a secure signing solution

The Widmer RS prints up to 200 documents per minute

The Widmer RS runs rapidly, increasing office efficiency and productivity

The Widmer model RS High-Speed, Cut-Sheet Signer/Endorser signs laser-generated checks with virtually any size check and signature placement

Your imprints can be easily adjusted for replacement anywhere on your documents with programmable accuracy to within 1/32 of an inch

Using 3.5 Documents Paper Size Min Length 2.78 Min Width 2.78 , Max Length 16 , Max Width 15.5 Paper Weight Variable Hopper Capacity 300 Single-ply, 200 Double-ply Documents Max