Amisco Elegance Full Upholstered Bed

Amisco Elegance Full Upholstered Bed

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A commanding nailhead headboard makes this bed both handsome and inviting, with stage presence to spare


All finishes are solid, except for Oxidado and Harley, which are a semi-transparent finish that has inherent characteristics that allow the darkening of the construction welds and seams to show through, making each piece truly unique

Choose from a multitude of different metal finishes

Construction Each bed is manufactured with clean full-length welds on the entire main structure and wrinkle-free bends for enhanced visual appeal

Environmentally friendly and nontoxic baked powder coating for scratch resistance

Generously proportioned to give your bedroom just the right touch of grandeur and elegance, it's all you need to create the boudoir ambience you're looking for.Finishes Each piece of Amisco furniture is custom made to your liking

Made of superior quality North American steel.Quality All original designAll the advantages of superior North American steel, formed in CanadaSturdy, durable constructionClean, wrinkle-free bends for a very aesthetic finishClean, full length welds on the entire main structureNontoxic, environmentally safe baked powder coating for a scratch resistant finish

The Dayglam finish features a subtle glittery appearance