Torbal Drx-500S-Kit, Pill Counting Kit W/ 10,000 Database Capacity

Torbal Drx-500S-Kit, Pill Counting Kit W/ 10,000 Database Capacity

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Torbal, DRX-500s-KIT, Pill Counting Kit w/ 10,000 Database Capacity 500g x 0.001g The Kit combines the RXK-4 slim keyboard which allows for even faster new-drug and data entry into the database, with the RXP-4 thermal printer which is ideal for producing paper trail receipts which include pill counting transaction details


4.3 inch Thermal Printer that can create printed records of weighing transactions

Equipped with a 10, 000 drug database capacity, Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy, Pill Fragment Detection, Rx Verification features, Automatic Internal Calibration, Onscreen Instructions, and much more

Equipped with highest quality electromagnet force restoration weighing load-cell 500g x 0.001g

Features and Functions NTEP Approved 10, 000 Drug Database Capacity RX Verification NDC Data Entry Reminder Drug Name Labeling LOT Number Labeling Onscreen Instructions Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy Deviation Warning Remaining to Fill Display Laser Scanner Counting Transaction Printing PS/2 External Keyboard Port Optional RJ45 Network Port RS232 Data Output Port Auto Calibration Graphical Display Sealed Keypad Navigation Keys Dual TARE Keys Easy Leveling Draft Ring AZSM IZSM Compounding Filling Meter Remaining to Fill Ingredient Labeling Recipe Archiving Recipe Printing Onscreen Instruction


Kit Included Laser Barcode Scanner LS1

NTEP Certified for pill counting and prescription use

Results are recorded on 4.3 inch thermal printer paper

Rugged housing, standard RS232 Port, PS2 Port, 9 Pill Counting Features and Compounding functions

The Metrologic Voyager is a high performance, top of the line laser barcode scanner that optimizes the functionality of the AG and AGN professional series

The Torbal miniature slim keyboard is ideal for use with the AG Professional Scales, AGN Analytical Balances, AGS Moisture Analyzers, as well as DRX 5 Series Pharmacy scales

The keyboard connects directly to the scale via PS2 connection port, and can be used to type in notes, label samples, as well as reference weights, or ingredients

The scanner is fast, accurate, and easy to use

The scanners CodeGate feature makes the unit ideal for inventory processing and integration with the AG and AGN professional series

Thermal Printer TP1

Unit features self test and diagnostics for easy configurations

Unit prints 0.8 lines per second, 40 characters per line at 9600 bps